What We Do

We transform our clients. Our job is to make you look and feel good.

About Outlaw Salon

At Outlaw Salon, we are not just providing a service. We have created an unique experience like no other. The salon is in an original jailhouse built in 1959. Our services are named after infamous outlaws. Here you will get your hair colored, cut, and styled in a real jail cell and hair dried in our custom designed electric chair hair dryer. Our black and white striped capes are made to replicate old prison uniforms. Providing a fun, comfortable environment for men, women, and children of all ages. You will leave the Outlaw Salon feeling, “It’s Against The Law..To Look This Good!”™

Our Team

Wendy “Onea” Covey
Master Colorist, Stylist and Owner
JB Covey
Marketing, Manager and Owner


I’ve kept a clean shaved head for 14 years and decided it was time for some hair. Stopped into the Outlaw Salon to see what I could get done; and, Miss Wendy hit it out of the park. Great place to shop for beer, cut, and wash.

Joseph Robertson

Wendy does a great job in her salon. I enjoy getting my hair cut, and enjoy spending time in her shop.

Jared Klingenberg

She “Onea” is amazing. She works wonders with color and cuts. She is such a high-spirited person; and, always warm and welcoming.

Cheyenne Gallagher

Wendy “Onea” at Outlaw Salon is amazing and knowledgeable! She has been able to help me find a trendy hairstyle that works well with my long, thick hair, and she even brought out the natural body which I did not know I had!

Danielle Murphey

The Outlaw Salon is wonderful. Not only are you greeted with a smile but you are given the best service. Onea is thorough and makes sure you leave looking great. Since I met Onea I no longer go anywhere else for my cuts or color. She truly cares about her clients.

Barbie Listol

I’ve been getting my hair cut by Onea for over twenty years, and she is very helpful when it comes to you picking your hair style; and, she is a very happy person to be around I would recommend anyone to come to her.

Caleb Worner

I’ve been going to Wendy “Onea” for 9 years and love my cut and color every time. She always knows what works best for me and when I leave, I feel pampered, relaxed and beautiful. Her professionalism, skills and knowledge are unsurpassed and I would recommend her to anyone who wants a perfect color, cut or style.

Some people call her Wendy some call her Onea , I just call her the best hair stylist and friend. Her clients become her friends, that’s just who she is. I have followed, Onea for the last 6 or 7 years, I see her once a month for color and style. I’ll never change as she Listen to what I want, not doing whatever she wants. Which I experienced in the past. I’m sticking like glue.